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Sacrifice Of Isaac Caravaggio C. 1603 1920×1080

Things we can learn from Abraham

No one else in the Bible has been called the friend of God except for Abraham. He was a man of faith, and he made all things possible through faith. Most of us might think that Abraham is just another guy from the Old Testament but there are so many things we can learn from his life and no other charterer in the Old Testament is referenced in the New Testament other than Abraham. His obedience and faith in God show us how God can do miracles to those who trust in him.

The following are some of the things we can learn from the life of Abraham:

Have Faith in God:

When God tells Abraham to abandon his homeland, his people and even his father’s household he chooses to believe in God and without saying a word he sets his journey to an unknown land. Abraham had immense faith in God and believed that even when all the circumstances around him might seem impossible, he knows that God will make way for him.

God had promised Abraham that he would be the father of a thousand generation, but he was 100 years old and still had no child. But God kept his promise and gave him Isaac. He had immense faith in God and always believed that God had the best for him.

Your obedience should not be forced:

Most of us try to be obedient just because we are forced to do so. We can see how Abraham was obedient to God in everything he did, but he never forced his actions. When Abraham takes Isaac to sacrifice him, Isaac asks his father where the lamb for the sacrifice is, and Abraham tells his son that God will provide. No matter what circumstances he was in, he knew that God would make a way and thus he obeyed got without any hesitation. Quite often we are hesitant to respond to the will of God thinking that things might go wrong. We are clouded with doubt and confusion, and thus we are unable to obey God’s word blindly. We need to put our faith in God, and he will guide us through.

Sacrifices aren’t meant to be easy:

Today, God doesn’t ask you to sacrifice your sons and daughters. But there are certain things which you need to sacrifice to get closer to God. In today’s world, we are distracted by many worldly things, and we quite often tend to ignore God. But when things don’t go your way, you question God and blame him for the trouble that is caused. In life, you need to make certain sacrifices to reach the destination God has planned for you. Making sacrifices is not an easy job, but you need to put your trust in God, and he will show a way just like he did for Abraham.

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