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Knights Templar

Were the Knights Templar Medieval Cannabis dealers

cannabis benefits

Founded in 1199 by the Catholic Church, the Knights Templar were a group of warrior bankers whose primary aim was to safeguard the pilgrims on their way to visit to visit the holy land of Jerusalem. Created with a noble intention, the group soon starting breaching their initial laws and threatening the rule of Philip IV in France till they were eventually dissolved. There have been innumerable interpretations and theories that came into the forefront concerning the Knights Templar and the mysticism surrounding them still intrigues people.

One such theory about the Knights Templar that have created the greatest buzz is their role in popularizing cannabis as early as the 12th century. Author Chris Bennett remarked that their cultural exchanges mostly included the transportation of cannabis to the Islamic group known by the name “Hashishins”. However, the cannabis were not directly bartered, they were infused with wine and had a coder for the tradition which meant the herb sellers. The culture was soon propagated through the whole of Islamic lands after coming face-to-face with the Persian Zoroastrians. According to Bennett, the cannabis was used by the Knights essentially to escape their reality and step into the world of hallucination, where they could get a “glimpse of paradise”. Unlike the common beliefs associated with marijuana, the use of cannabis did not invoke in them the desire to wage war and kill the innocent or make them go insane. Furthermore, they had definite restrictions while using the cannabis; they kept a safe distance from the substance when they had to go out for missions and did not meddle the effects of cannabis with their political and religious intentions. After this analysis one could safely claim that the knights were officially the first group to introduce cannabis in Europe and were hands down the greatest dealers of weed.

cannabis benefits

If anything at all, the Knights Templar had witnessed some innumerable cannabis benefits; besides, the above-mentioned culture is known to have been popularized by their exchange of cannabis with the Hasishins. Nonetheless, as time passed, the exchange of weed and knowledge did not stop at the bright side of it; if we go by the sayings of Bennett, it would be clear that the cavaliers had brought to Europe the most dangerous of all narcotic weeds, the cannabis Indica, whose influence is so strong that it can turn men into merciless animals drawing them to commit murders and all forms of illegal activities within a few minutes of its consumption.

cannabis benefits

Today, after having gone through a series of researches, marijuana is being finally brought out of the negative light and held out as a natural element whose several aspects are being attached to the cannabis benefits. Some of the most common cannabis benefits which when rightly capitalized on can bear brilliant results are its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to relieve chronic pain resulting from selling and terminal diseases and its unparalleled role in pacifying hyper-stress and anxiety, thus creating a balance of emotions.

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