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Poison Ring
History Of Poison Rings
History of Poison Rings

To a 21st century mind, the idea of using jewelry as the first line of defense against evil, to do evil, and to facilitate peace at the same time is nothing short of incredible. Thankfully, we can satisfy our curiosity…

Former Minister Sues Church For Wrongful Termination
Former Minister Sues Church for Wrongful Termination

A Minnesota court decided that an assistant minister who was expelled by his employing church after the worshippers voted to remove his position for financial reasons couldn't prosecute the church for violation of the contract or insult. An appointed priest…

Were  The  Knights  Templar  Medieval  Cannabis  Dealers
Were the Knights Templar Medieval Cannabis dealers

Founded in 1199 by the Catholic Church, the Knights Templar were a group of warrior bankers whose primary aim was to safeguard the pilgrims on their way to visit to visit the holy land of Jerusalem. Created with a noble…

Historical Cannabis Users
Historical cannabis users

Introduction Marijuana use has a long history that predates the modern day “stoners”. Several illustrious figures of the past who had made startling contributions to various arts and cultures and sciences, had been habitual cannabis users in their lives. Whether…

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