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Knights Wine

What Kind Of Wine Did Knights Drink

The middle age saw the best use of wines. In medieval times, alcoholic wines were the most preferred drinks. They were seen to be more beneficial than even water. Moreover, at that time, there was no access to clean water and a lot of people were exposed to waterborne diseases. Medieval wines, particularly alcoholic beverages replaced water. The water then was contaminated and considered bad for digestion.

In the medieval times, the kind of wines knights drank was the alcoholic beverage. The poor drank ale, cider, and mead because they couldn’t afford the wines of the knights. Choosing to drink a type of wine in medieval times was a little complex. The knights considered so many factors to determine if the wine was good or not.

Their attitude towards wine selection was different from that of the modern day wine drinker. They considered four important qualities before choosing a wine as the right choice. They considered if it was hot, cold, dry or wet. Unlike the modern day drinker that is only concerned about where the wine was produced.

In the middle age, wine was associated with bourgeoisie and nobility. You would find every knight consuming wine on a daily basis. Alcoholic beverages were the most prestigious medieval drink, and it was considered as the healthier choice of drink. The quality of wines knights drank varied depending on the production process such as the type of grapes, number of grape pressing, and vintage.

Wines from first pressings are the wines knights drank. They are the finest of medieval drinks. They always reserved it for them as a sign of nobility. The quality of wines from the second and third pressings was usually lower and was left for people who belonged in the lower class.

The highest quality red wines as the best medieval drink also belonged to the knights. Common people could not even get their sight on such drink because the production and storage were expensive, and it required specialized knowledge.

Taste is one of the important things that matter to modern-day drinkers. We classify taste as sweet, bitter, salty, and acidic while knights in the medieval times had about thirteen different tastes. They considered some wine as weak, vinegary, brusque, strong and more.

The kind of wines knights drank for special occasions like a wedding feast was sweeter wines, which they took in small quantities. They believed that drinking excess sweet wines could damage a person physically and morally. So it was best taken into small quantities.

The Knights of the medieval times had different wines for different purposes. Red wine was considered best for digestion. Spiced or mulled wine was highly recommended by physicians as it was considered to have a vaporizing effect on food. It was quite popular in medieval times. It was made from ordinary red wine and some other spices like ginger, pepper, cloves, and others.

Other than the alcoholic beverage that knights drank, teas and coffees were known but weren’t as common and accepted as the medieval wines.

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