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Slot is a type of HTML element that is part of the Web Components suite. It is used to create a distinct DOM tree and allows for global attributes. It can also be used to add a placeholder and additional description.


A slot is an opening or aperture of a certain size, shape or type. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including receiving things and allowing airflow in aircraft wings.


A slot can be defined in a static or virtual function, a Lambda expression, a member function of a class, or as a global function. Slot functions are a good way to add or change slots in an object, but they should never be used without a valid class name or with invalid slots.


A video slot can have a wide variety of designs and features, from traditional to more advanced. Many games feature multiple reels and paylines, which can provide greater opportunities for winning. Other features that may be found on some slots include a bonus round, wild symbols and extra rows.


A video slot might have symbols like diamonds, fruits, letters and more. These can be used to trigger special features or even win additional prizes. They are often animated and can have special effects.

Animated features are especially common on newer video slot machines, which can have more features than older ones. They can even replace symbols on the reels to give players more chances of winning.

Slots can be added to Figma models using the slots component. The slot components can be added to any component in the design system, and can be resized or modified as needed.

The slot component allows you to model a slot using one or more content types and decide which hubs it should be registered with and enabled on. Once you’ve created the slot, you can then create slot items.


A slot repository is a place for slot items to be stored and accessed by editions. These repositories will be set up for you during onboarding according to your requirements.


Architect is designed to recognize multiple words or phrases that describe the same slot, and responds accordingly. You can delete any synonyms by hovering over them and clicking the X button, or you can update them by changing the information in the Slot menu.


Whether you’re creating slots for a website or an app, the taxonomy will follow the same path as a content type. You can choose to use a relation-element view or a slot-argument view to build your classification component.

Slots are a great way to organize your work in Figma. They can help you create a better workflow and promote collaboration among teams and managers. They are also a powerful tool for organizing meetings, consultations and evaluation reviews.

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